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Fish Report - End of Season Summary

The Philipps family did their annual South African trip with some wonderful times spent with family and friends. It's a wonderful trip for the kids to see the different sights, the animals and experience the varied cultures. Brad had 10 days of dangerous game hunting in Zimbabwe's wild Zambezi Valley. In Northern South Africa he hunted some of the exceptional areas he has access to with clients, taking some record book trophies with the bow and he fulfilling a personal lifelong dream taking a 60inch kudu with the bow. 

To say Brad has been busy would be an understatement. He is now spending the month of September in Nova Scotia, Canada fishing for the areas giant bluefin tuna. There's no time for anything to grow on a good fisherman's bottom paint!! It's his third year to fish for the giants, each year he gets more inquires from anglers wanting to do something different so he takes advantage of the last month before the Guatemalan season cranks up and facilitates these trips.  

Guatemala is still the worlds top billfishing destination, there is no where that comes close when it comes to numbers of bites, ease of access from the USA, calm seas, top crews and overall enjoyment. Our 40ft Gamefishermen 'Decisive' has had it's usual off-season touch-ups and both Brad and his boat crew, as well as Cindy and her lodge staff, are eagerly awaiting another great season ahead. It's that time of year with the chill of Autumn just around the corner that anglers start looking towards making plans for their winter tropical getaway. Our bookings are on the increase and for those considering one of our all inclusive trips please feel free to drop us an email ( so we can help you plan this special billfishing adventure. We look forward to seeing all our old 'Die hards' with us again and also welcoming new guests to their very own Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures.  

By Capt. Brad Philipps