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"Decisive" - 40ft gamefisherman

"Decisive" - 40ft gamefisherman, with Capt. Brad Philipps

Capt. Brad Philipps's new vessel, ‘Decisive’, is a recently refitted 40ft Gamefisherman, and is the finest boat available for charter in Guatemalan waters. She spent previous years fishing privately in Costa Rica during which time she amassed an amazing 37 light tackle world records for her renowned owners. Her fish-raising ability is unquestionable.

Her uncompromising sea handling capabilities, immaculate finishes and layout, twin 450HP Cummins diesel power (newly installed in Aug 2008), generator with twin air-conditioning, lavish array of electronics and outstanding selection of the finest tackle make her the fleet favourite.

With her proven track record, superb features and her experienced captain and crew at her attendance, she is the perfect boat to maximize on the superb sailfishing Guatemala has to offer.

The spacious bridge is equipped with a captains chair forward of center, with large cushioned bench seats either side for anglers to partake in the comforts, added view, and joys of riding up top. She is equipped with a VHS radio, MF/HF (SSB) radio, Robertson Autopilot, North Star GPS Chart Navigator, Furuno GPS, Furuno Sounder, and brand new Furuno Navnet Radar for tracking those distant birds.

Her brand new Lugger/Northern Lights 6kw generator, with twin air-conditioning systems and twin salon blowers make for the coolest of comfort on those hot tropical days. A grilling plate and microwave mean freshly prepared hot boat lunches, with galley refrigeration and freezer allowing for easy storage of those optional extra’s.

With clients having the advantage of spending nights in our luxury accommodations back on land, the optimum boat for this area is one built specifically with this in mind. “ Decisive” has the perfect day boat style layout, with an open aft salon bulkhead, which Gamefisherman yachts have so popularized. Roll down see-through Isinglass curtains, allow anglers to enjoy the air-conditioned comfort and spacious seating of the salon while still being able to be a part of the action in the cockpit. Her comfortable cockpit seating, atop of the large tackle station and built-in drinks cooler under the large fly-bridge overhang makes for the perfect shade protected spot for the serious angler choosing not to leave the action of the cockpit but still needing the shade and comfort of these features. Just forward of the salon, down the companion way are two large separate bunks for those wishing to really relax or take a nap on the ride home.

The large cockpit has a teak covered non-slip deck, favored on most sportsfishing boats. The cockpit is very large for a 40ft sportsfisherman, and ideally suits our multiple hookup style of fishing, as well as teasing and fly-fishing, giving anglers and crew plenty of space to capitalize on every situation. Salt water and fresh water wash-downs in the cockpit keep things clean and functional, together with below deck fish hatches and live-bait well, making for safe storage of freshly caught dorado or tuna while keeping for an uncluttered fishing platform so anglers can enjoy the job at hand.

A life raft, EPIRB, flares, life preservers, Halon and handheld extinguishers, and additional safety features are standard on board.

She caters to a maximum of 5 anglers, and even with this number on board there is no limitation of space in either the cockpit while fighting those multiples or in finding a comfortable place to relax during the day or on the ride home. Your charters aboard the vessel are all inclusive of everything, except tip, and include hot lunches, cold refreshments, beer, seafood sashimi or ceviches, and an uncompromising crew to ensure you are able to capitalize on every opportunity.

Alutecnos Tackle

‘Decisive’ is equipped with the finest array of tackle. We are proudly an “Alutecnos Pro-Team Boat”, being outfitted with the ultimate in big-game equipment.
20lb high-speed "Veloce" lever drag reels and matching standup rods are the standard, making for a perfect match on our acrobatic sailfish and slammer dorado. Two-speed, Alutecnos, 30#’s or 50#’s are at the ready to pitch to the ever-aggressive blue marlin or larger tuna. 20lb spinning rods make for great sport on dorado, or aid young or inexperienced anglers in their drop-back-hookup technique on the sailfish.
An array of fly-fishing tackle is carried for fly-fishing enthusiasts or those wishing to give this dynamic aspect of the sport a try for the first time. 14 and 16 weight fly rods are perfectly matched to #12 Alutecnos direct drive fly reels and also Billy Pate Bluefin anti-reverse reels for those requiring the extra arbor of these monsters.

Your captain and crew are highly experienced at whatever style of fishing you choose, whether is be conventional lever drag angling, flyfishing, a combo of the two or even some much lighter test tackle. They play this game on an almost daily basis and are some of the best in the world, highly apt at every aspect and always willing to share their knowledge and ensure anglers are constantly improving on their abilities. Our mates are amongst the best riggers to be seen and should you wish to bring an outfit of your own with you or choose for them to expertly rig your flies, they will happily oblige to your every need.

Billfish Conservation and Eagle Claw Circle Hooks

Guatemala has over the past years maintained a leading edge and placed a high priority on billfish conservation. The circle hook trend was started here and sailfish are a protected species in these water, with no commercial fishing for the species being allowed. Eagle Claw Circle hooks on baits and an all release policy on billfish make this the unbeatable fishery of today and also of tomorrow.
Capt. Brad Philipps has long been an ardent supporter of billfish conservation and member of The Billfish Foundation, being a past multi-recipient of its prestigious Release Captain of the Year Award, and Sailfish Release Award.

We book a variety of top boats,

Although 'Decisive' is our flagship we book a variety of top boats in Guatemala. Our "Billfish Inn" can cater to a group as large as 10 people, or two totally exclusive groups of up to 5 people. We are therefore able to tailor make a package to suit any needs with these other boats.

Fishing on one of the other boats we book, comes along with the same care and professionalism as we do our own boat, as they are operated under our strict supervision ensuring the same high standard in service, efficiency and client satisfaction. We have years of tried and tested experince in the Guatemalan sportfishing field, so guarentee the best out of your billfishing adventure.

Please contact us, we will have a boat availble for the dates you would like to fish!!!

All boats are available for the entire family.  All fishing practices are 'catch & release'.

Additional Boats,

A Guatemala Grander released on Jan '07 aboard DECISIVE


THIS IS OUR DRY SEASON.  Typical lows 65-68 F and Typical Highs 90-100 F, it will be cooler in Guatemala City like in Antigua Guatemala, 1500m over sea level but comfortable.










·     TRAVEL CLOTHES, Chinos and Golf Shirts are most appropriate

·     CAMERA 

·     GOLF SHOES – if you are playing Golf

·     HIKING BOOTS – if you are planning a Volcano Hike – 

·     JACKET – to wear in Guatemala City on arrival and when you visit Antigua Guatemala


The fishing day routine…..

We fish out of Puerto Quetzal, Escuintla, Guatemala. Boats are based at 'Marina Pez Vela'

Breakfast 6:20am and the driver is ready to take you to the Marina promptly at 6:45 AM. Leave the dock 7am and return 5pm.  If you are late, it will cut in to fishing time as the boat always returns at 5pm. 

Often you will be meeting the party after you at ‘The Billfish Inn’.  Lodge Hostess and staff will greet you with cocktails. There is a strong culture among the Sportfishing fleet to fish 7am-5pm. Two reasons, safety and second to establish a limit on time spent fishing since such high numbers of fish are caught.  You will fish anywhere from 8 miles out to 50 miles out.  Typically 20 odd miles………  You primarily fish for Sailfish, they range in size from 60 pounds to 150 pounds, most will be in the 75-100 pound range. 

Blue, Black and Striped Marlins are possible.  It is likely you will catch a few Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) and may catch a few small Yellow-fin Tuna.

Driver will be waiting at the marina to take you back to the Villa.  The routine will make you feel like ‘I’m 10 and at CAMP’! 

Then you repeat the whole series of events, Happy Hour, Dinner, go to bed, breakfast, and fish….. 

Happy Hour is poolside, so swim trunks could be handy. Happy Hour, Dinner and Breakfast will be at your Villa at 'The Billfish Inn'.

Happy Hour is poolside, so swim trunks could be handy. Happy Hour, Dinner and Breakfast will be at the House. A great lunch will be prepared aboard the boat.

Sweet Ride!

Big blue marlin

Colorful sailfish

Species, What to Catch!

Spend your days catching Sailfish, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, and maybe even a Blue, Black or Striped Marlin. The Pacific Coast of Guatemala is easy to get to, flat seas, great weather, has it all.  We target mainly the huge numbers of sailfish here, they average 70-90lbs, eight to ten foot in total length and are superb sport on light conventional tackle or fly-fishing gear. They have released as many as 91 sailfish in a day on 20lb line, 73 for a single angler in a day and 51 for a single angler on fly gear. 15 releases average a day. All gear on board. They make the most of what ever is around in addition to the sailfish and catch good numbers of blue marlin, dorado and tuna also.
All Billfish catch & release!

Flat seas

Tease, tease, tease!

Slammer dorado!

3 Marlin in 1 Day!

Marina Pez Vela - Guatemala!

Converted into a Captain!


·     Hot Lunches cooked aboard the boat

·     Beer and cocktails

·     Drinks - water, gatorade, soft drinks

·     Snacks

·     ALL tackle 

·     ALL bait

·     Flies

We recommend that fly-fishermen bring additional Cam Sigler Popper Fly’s (pink).

Boat crew tips are not included.

Fly Tackle

The boat DECISIVE is fully equipped with fly tackle, but if you want to bring your own fly tackle, we would recommend a minimum of a 13-14 weight rod, you can always put one of your reels on our rods if you like.  Capt. Brad Philipps use 15-16 weights.  We have Flies on the boat. Same as our 'Other Boats'.

Bringing your own fly tackle? 

By Capt. Brad Philipps

I would recommend a minimum of a 13-14 weight rod, you can always put one of your reels on my rods if you like, I use 15-16 weights. Do not worry to much about rigging etc., we will do all that for you here, so rather leave flyfines and backings etc off the reel if possible and we can walk you thru it all so you see how and why we do things. I recommend you bring some unrigged Cam Sigler popper billfish flies in pink.