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Combine 1 solo fly fishing angler with 1 solo conventional fishing angler!

Combining one fly angler and one conventional is totally doable, in fact I like it. Keep a bait long, three teasers short for fly. If fish teases in well we throw the fly, if not pitch the boat, or fish drops back and eats the bait long in the rigger…very productive way of fishing…. by Capt. Brad Philipps, Jan 2017

Fly Fishing stats

Fly Fishing stats?  Posted on Dec 2014

Capt. Brad Philipps's average on the fly rod over the 15 years he has been here is 7 sailfish releases on the long wand a day, with a couple more thrown in on the backup spin rod for those that will not bite or tease to the fly. His top day is 51 releases on the fly rod for a single angler, all IGFA. 

Replacing your backing and fly line?

Capt. Brad Philipps recommends a 50lb spectra backing, in hi-vis color. A 50-60 yard section of 30lb hi vis mono running line. A 500 grain shooting head thin diameter fly line cut to 20 feet about. 

Package includes?

Our prices are all inclusive of fishing, lodging, food, land transport, etc., but does not include airfare, alcoholic drinks and tips. We have found it easier and more benificial if clients book their airfare from their side, into Guatemala City, arriving the afternoon prior to their first fishing day and flying out the day after their last fishing day. 

Wife does not fish?

Your wife will love Antigua Guatemala, only 1hr from us and could easily spend a few days exploring there while you fish. Our setup here is also very private and if she is the sort would enjoy relaxing around our pool, walks and maybe a panga trip down the river.

Fly Fishing Tackle?

Yes, the boat DECISIVE is fully equipped with fly tackle, but if you want to bring your own fly takle I (Capt. Brad Philipps) would recommend a minimum of a 13-14 weight rod, you can always put one of your reels on my rods if you like, I use 15-16 weights. Do not worry to much about rigging etc, we will do all that for you here, so rather leave flyfines and backings etc. off the reel if possible and we can walk you thru it all so you see how and why we do things. I recommend you bring some unrigged Cam Sigler popper billfish flies in pink. We have on the boat but it's good to bring about 6 extra per angler in case the bite goes crazy. We will rig them for you.

When to fly fish?

By Capt. Brad Philipps,
Our season runs from Oct thru Jun. Pinpointing the bite is the toughest thing. The fish move, although Guatemala has an outstanding record as far as consistency. Try find the pen dates that we have that best suit you and your buddies. I have had great bites in every month of the year really. Our weather here is ideal, with very few rough days which makes the fly fishing and fish in general so much easier.

Fly fisherman?

Fishing 2 anglers to the boat while fly fishing is ideal. Some also fish by themselves but bringing a companion and having the rotation is nicer too.

Fly fishing in Guatemala?

I think you will love the billfishing on the fly with aggressive visual bite right in front of you and all that goes along with catching these big acrobatic fish on the long wand.

Max. of 10 anglers?

Catering to your group of 10 anglers will be a pleasure. We have recently added a 2nd identical lodge to our operation, having two "billfish inn's" side by side, giving us the flexibilty to cater to groups up to 10 people or two separate groups of up to 5 each. Fishing 3 per boat is right on. At present we operate 2 boats, the 'decisive' a 40ft gamefisherman which I run and a other boats are available from 36ft to 37ft run by foreign Captains. We are at the very moment also negotiating on a deal with another boat very similar to the 'decisive' to compliment our setup.

First step?

By Cindy Philipps,
I will work an estimated quote for you once you decide how many days you would like to fish and how many people (please email me at . Our website has the prices listed from which you could get a very good idea of costs in the meantime while you decide on specifics.
After you get your "Reservation Confirmation Summary FILE - xxxx", then follow the steps to finalize your fishing trip.

From far away?

We do not deal with airfares as find that your personal travel agent will be able to find you the best deals. We stick to the fishing, accomodation and other logistics from our side and see to all that being flawless. You would need to fly into and out of Guatemala City, our driver will pick you up there and we are 1h30min down to the coast from there.

Coming from a far away country, you should fish at least 4 days, maybe 5 and maybe a night in Antigua Guatemala for a look, it's worth it.

Billfish weight?

The sailfish range from 70-100lb in average weight and we use 20lb standup tackle on them. The marlin from 250-450lb would be average although we have seen leenty of much bigger fish.

Flying from Dallas?

The easiest flight down here is the American Airlines flight... It's a direct 3 hour flight. If you go to, and put airport code "DFW" in the from column, and "GUA" in the to column several flights will pop up. You probably don't want to go through Miami.... which there are some flights, but the easiest and fastest is the direct from DFW.

Our fishing season?

By Capt. Brad Philipps,
It is my feeling that although we can have amazing fishing at any time during the year here in Guatemala, our most consisitent months are Oct thru the end of May into June. For the upcoming seasons, we will be starting in full force every Oct and going thru every Jun of next year.

It is always tuff to predict the exact bite, but anytime during that period which suits u're plans and schedule is great. Give the website another look for dates which suit you and follow by first step (see above).

Why Oct and Nov?

Oct and Nov are excellent fishing months here and highly recommeded for the sailfish and also some marlin or tuna and dorado inbetween. In fact they are some of my favourite months. A lot of people like to come down during the USA winter and hence Dec thru March filling sooner, but the fishing is good right thru, and all the big Tournaments are scheduled in Oct and Nov here for that very reason.

All year round?

By Capt. Brad Philipps,
Predicting the exact bite is always tuff, this is fishing. We have had 40 plus release days in every month here. I average 15-18 releases a day thru the entire season on bait. Your choice of early spring, March, April or May is right on here for great fishing and generally have flat seas, if you, your wife or kids get see sick, but those months almost guarentee it, and a plus in any book. Our season that we push bookings is Oct thru June, Nov thru May being most popular.

Booking just the boat?

We do not really sell our packages without accomodation as we need that side of the business to florish and if we just sell the boat it wouldn't work for us, since we have invested a lot on lodging, booking side of thinks and cann't sell it if the boat is already sold.

Look up at the website?

By Cindy Philipps,
Our website is very upto date with available dates and is the easiest for every angler to pick his days which will suit the all group. Also the prices are on that too so it makes it easy. Pick the dates, fill out the details and I will get back to any person with the official quote etc. Ask every member in your party to look at the website and all the great feedback we are getting.

Experienced or Novice?

Whether and experienced or novice billfishermen we do it all and is a wonderful place to learn with the number of shots and experienced crew to help you along or to learn something new every day just like we do.

Bringing your own fly tackle?

By Capt. Brad Philipps,

I would recommend a minimum of a 13-14 weight rod, you can always put one of your reels on my rods if you like, I use 15-16 weights. Do not worry to much about rigging etc., we will do all that for you here, so rather leave flyfines and backings etc off the reel if possible and we can walk you thru it all so you see how and why we do things. I recommend you bring some unrigged Cam Sigler popper billfish flies in pink, 6 per angler.

Yellowfin Tuna?

By Capt. Brad Philipps,

Having caught a bunch of large yellowfin in various locations, I like you have a great appreciation for these bruisers. We see some good yellowfin bites off our Guatemala coast around the spinner dolphins offshore and I'd say latter in the season going late May and thru June and in Oct being the better time of year. But we do not really see many big fish nor have I targeted them specifically. Finding them is fun and we take advantage of it when we do, to add to our sailfishing.

Marlin on the fly?

By Capt. Brad Philipps,

Blue Marlin on the fly is certainly as high up the scale as one can go. I have done it both on the rod and at the helm and it sure is a challenge.

Over the past few years we have seen more and more blue marlin off Guatemala and it is becoming a fairly consistent fishery. They move in and out of the area but I'd say one would have a better shot at seeming them more consistently from the May through till November. Our experienced flyfishing crews and the aggressive nature and average size of 200-400lbs, makes this one of the top destinations in the world to target blue marlin on fly.

As you know trying for a blue on fly is about putting in one's time, being prepared and having the experience, technique, crew and team around you to take advantage of the shot when you get it. We have caught as many as 6 blues in a day here on 'decisive' and as many as 2 on fly in a day with 3 blue marlin bites on fly in a day. One big bonus is that while putting in that time, you will be catching sailfish on the fly rod which will only help in enjoying the hours, improving u're skills and giving you a better shot at the blue when it shows up.

We would probably say we see more marlin in Oct, Nov and then again in May, June, so book during those periods and come down for 4,5 or 6 days to give you a better shot.

Ps have a look at the latest May 06 Marlin Magazine, it has a piece on Guatemala, fly fishing with us.