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Our "Billfish Inn"

The best in billfishing deserves the very best in lodging facilities. You’ll find just that in our brand new, recently completed “Billfish Inn”. This specially appointed Inn was specifically finished under the watchful eye of your hosts for this very purpose.

Located on the water within a luxury, secure and gated private community it has 4 bedrooms, with two of them having their own privately appointed

en-suite bathrooms, and the other two upstairs bedrooms sharing an adjoining private bathroom.

This ensures that all guests in parties of 4 or less anglers will each enjoy the added privacy of having their own bedroom for a restful nights sleep before the big day to follow.
The only time anybody will have to share a bedroom is when larger groups of 5 anglers request the lodge. In this case 2 anglers will share one of the larger en-suite bedrooms, specifically appointed to cover this very eventuality. The remaining anglers will still each have their own bedroom and appointed bathroom.

The three upstairs bedrooms each have secondary doors leading to the adjacent balcony to enjoy a breath of evening air, or cup of coffee while enjoying the morning sunrise over the towering mangrove lined channel.

The lodge has been built specifically for guest comfort and privacy, boasting central air conditioning, hot water, American satellite TV with a large selection of fishing DVD’s, well appointed bar and wine list, laundry service, international direct telephone dialing and a complimentary high-speed internet service, with wireless capabilities should you choose to bring your own laptop. The lavish mosaic pool with bubble jets and surrounding area is ideally suited for unwinding over cocktails. A stylish, open-air thatched rancho (gazebo) overlooking the private channel and mangrove lined opposite bank, is the perfect outdoor facility for cool “alfresco style” dinning and socializing. The lodge also has an air-conditioned lounge for watching the latest football game, and a sitting area on its covered patio area in front of the house for a small change in venue.

Photo Courtesy of Bill Boyce

Your host, Cindy Philipps, a Guatemalan billfishing charter management specialist and master of the hospitality trade, oversees all aspects of your trip.
And together with her professional lodging and waiting staff will see to your every need while with us.
The bar service is at your disposal whenever you should so require, with an array of wine choices providing the perfect combination to the most savory of food options prepared to your culinary delight.

We pride ourselves with our customer service, we handle all our bookings personally thereby ensuring the most efficient of service and competitive of prices.

We are here to help you make the most of your trip and are only too happy to do whatever we can in catering to your personal requests.

The most delicious of savoury dishes will more than fill your greatest expectations. Request your very own dorado or tuna “catch of the day” or one of our many specialities, a lavish variety of exotic Guatemalan seafood dishes, the world renowned local jumbo shrimp, or an imported steak. Try a local Guatemalan typical dish for somethign different. The choices are endless and the quality of the food alone, together with the ambiance and first class service will bring you back for another visit.

Getting Here

Guatemala City is only a 2hr flight from Miami and 2hrs25 from Houston, with many major airlines having daily flights to this popular destination. American passport holders do not require a visa to enter Guatemala. Most other passport holders do also not require a visa either, as Guatemala is trying its utmost to encourage tourism, although it is always best to check on your individual passport requirements prior to arrival. We do not include your airfare in the packages, as from experience we have found it best to let your personal travel specialist book your flights to and from Guatemala City.

Our full-time, highly experienced driver, Santiago Perez will collect you at the airport arrival gates. He will be holding a sign with your name written on and will be wearing a short sleeve shirt with our "Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures´s embroided Logo" in the left area of his shirt, he will also have a cellular phone if you need to use it in emergency case.

Once you are in the van, Santiago will call at the "Billfish Inn" and let your host know that you got safety and all your loggage arrived. The last phone call that Santiago is going to make to the "Billfish Inn" is just when you are down at the Pacific Port, so everybody at the "Billfish Inn" is going to be waiting at the door for your arrival.

A beautiful 1hr15minute drive through volcano framed settings from the highlands down to the coast while enjoying a cool refreshment will put you with us in less time than many boats in the Gulf or on the East Coast make it to their fishing grounds.

Structuring your Trip

The most popular Guatemalan sailfishing trip has usually involved 3 full days of fishing. This has been shown to allow clients the optimum number of days to capitalize on their trip, without stretching or making the trip to long so as not to be practical or possible at all. By fishing a minimum of three days, the bite will usually see to it that most groups see at least one hot, 20 plus, release day. When one takes into account the relative low cost of getting here from most large American cities, it is easy to see why many clients keep to the 3 day deal, but make it a twice a year venture so as to spread the enjoyment of their trips and the odds of timing it to hit a really huge day. It is however suggested that if this is to be your only Guatemalan trip of the year, or foreseeable future you look at making the travel worthwhile and book 4, or more, full days of action packed angling.
Most parties arrive in Guatemala City the afternoon or early evening prior to your first day of fishing. Our driver will meet you at the airport arrivals gates and bring you down to the lodge. This night is spent enjoying the lodge’s comforts, putting you fresh the following morning for a delicious breakfast and the days fishing.

Find interactive maps, photographs, and all the information you need to plan and design a variety of tours in Guatemala

Where to stay on your final night!!

...staying at "La Casa Philipps"

It is our recommendation for those wanting to finish off their trip in style and enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of the Old City, Antigua.

A bit of history,

Pedro de Alvarado, de Conqueror, founded Villa de Santiago de Guatemala on July 25, 1524. The rumbling of cannons, the clashing of swords and swishing of arrows could still be heard when he moved the city to the Almolonga Valley. This new city lasted for a very short time: in 1541, a mud and water flood descended from the Junapú volcano and destroyed the city. Many people died buried alive, among them Alvarado’s wife, Doña Beatriz de la Cueva. The authorities had no choice but to transfer the city to the Panchoy Valley, the present Antigua Guatemala.

For couples making the trip to fish with Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures, this is a must do overnight stay and we are happy to book you in for more than just one night if that is your choice.

Our driver will deliver you to the hotel after fishing on your final day, included in your package is the 45 minute trip to the airport the following day with Casa Santo Domingo's transfer service. The flight you book will depend on whether you are in an urgent need of getting home or can take advantage of the following day in enjoying picturesque Antigua and surrounds before making it to an afternoon departure.

Casa Santo Domingo Hotel,
After the independence from Spain in 1821, the land and buildings that had been owned by the Spanish crown were auctioned and became private property. This happened with the Saint Dominic convent and temple lands that were divided into several lots and bought by different persons.

Years later some of them passed on to the company that organized the Casa Santo Domingo Hotel, whose development began to take shape in 1989.
The main objective of this project is to rescue the vestiges of the convent and temple. To reach said objective it was necessary to sign an agreement with the National Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala that included the archeological study of the group of buildings.
A new agreement was signed in 1990 with the purpose or restoring and using part of the vestiges, conserving the environment as far as possible and placing a reversible cover on the original walls. The Council determined the areas that could be used for the project. Each stage of the project requires the prior approval of this institution. That is how the Casa Santo Domingo Hotel has come to be a reality.
All the design and integration works have been directed by Amerigo Giracca.

Antigua Guatemala
Located in Guatemala’s central highlands, in the Panchoy Valley, it is surrounded by mountains and the Agua or Junajpú, Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes. It is located 1,530 meters over sea level. Its climate is mild, warm during the day and cool at night. Its history is rich in events, but these have been interrupted by floods, tremors and earthquakes. Since its beginnings as the Ciudad de Santiago de Guatemala (City of Saint James of Guatemala, hereinafter called City of Santiago) in the Almolonga Valley up to this date, more than a dozen earthquakes have been documented. The last one of them happened in 1976.

With a history convulsed by telluric movements and floods, the City of Santiago starts its public life in Panchoy on March 10, 1543, when the city council holds its first meeting. On that date it starts it´s development as one of the first urbanized cities of the new world.
Casa Santo Domingo Hotel is not just a 5 stars hotel. It is also a cultural center; refuge of artists and intellectuals whose creations enrich daily life in Antigua Guatemala. The galas, recitals, art exhibitions, opera and zarzuela festivals with national and foreign soloists are memorable. Its archeological and colonial art museums are exemplary and both are surprising in their rich collections and novel museum design.

....or at our "Billfish Inn"

A second option which some may request if available, is for clients to spend their final night with us at the "Billfish Inn'', savouring the days fishing over a relaxing even and then heading up the city for midmorning flight or just enjoying a relaxing morning, river trip or a sight seeing tour of Antigua with our driver on the way to the airport. This option is however often only available if confirmed well in advance, as incoming clients fishing the following day may well have reservations at the inn and we do not overlap client’s stays unless this is specifically requested and confirmed by both parties

Our Dinning Room!

Our Balcony
Our pool
Our Bar

Sightseeing inside Guatemala - Gallery photos given by INGUAT

The Mayan Ruins located in Petén - TIKAL
"Santiaguito" Volcanoe
"San Felipe" Castle in "Río Dulce" - Caribean side of the country
Easter Week in Antigua Guatemala
Typical materials made by hand