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Bob Verde brought his wife Corrie and son Mike and Fiance Ashley down for them to do some fishing with Mike releasing 3 blue marlin one of which was well over 700lbs. With Mike and the girls also catching many sails on both fly and spin.

The 3-7th of February saw the Levitt group aboard the 'Decisive' releasing an average of well over 20 sailfish each day with a highlight of 44 sailfish releases on their final day.

TBF's current Chairmen and faithful 'Decisive' angler, Jack Duval got in on the action from the 8th to the10th with a top day of 30 releases and a very steady and high hookup average for what he described as his best billfishing trip ever.

Petr Khotin made the trip all the way from Russia to experience our legendary fishing and hospitality both on the coast and in Antigua at Casa Philipps. On the water he was rewarded with a nice blue marlin and a top day of 40 sailfish releases with another 2 days of well over 30 releases and some big dorado and nice tuna...we kept him happy and busy, and he certainly got to see a lot of this special country also!

Old friends Kevin Hodgson and Mark Delany of Cape Town, South Africa joined us for a few days of fun and were in on the hot action, releasing 37 sailfish from 45 bites. Good averages boys!

The friendly family group of the Simonis and Bruijinooge's made it all the way from Holland for 6 days. Experienced anglers all, having fished the world, they were blown away by the quality of both the fishery, the boat, our accommodations and services. And just loved their time with Cindy at our boutique accommodations in Antigua. 

To finish the month of February off we were joined by our old friends Denny Doyle and Ed Burr who experiencing some excellent fishing over their 4 days, with a  final day flurry of 42 sailfish releases on bait and fly gear.

It is hard to argue with these sort of numbers and this sort of quality billfishing. There is no place like Guatemala and nobody has the years of experiencing based here like we do at Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures, to be able to cater our discerning anglers with the experience of Capt. Brad Philipps, the great boat, crew or lodging and management.

We have some dates that have just opened up and are looking forward to filling them. It certainly is the year to get here so drop us an email if you are keen to explore options of getting you here. We are only an email away and with this last minute trips are always open o making things work.

Until next report, great fishing, tight lines and circle hooks.

Capt. Brad Philipps