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Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - November 2010

Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - November 2010

As predicted we have seen some very good fishing this November off Guatemala. The amount of bait and activity out wide has been something to behold. Anglers who have made it to these rich waters have been rewarded with some superb action. Boats have averaged between 15 to 30 sailfish
releases a day with almost daily encounters with blue marlin in the 200 to 300lb range.

Mike Malin, his father Gene, Bill Frint and Rich Dorchak, were the first to join us in November going 7 from 22 on the sails their first day. The following they released 10 sails and strong blue in the 300lb range which Rich Dorchak did a fine job on as the angler.

Their third day saw 8 from 21 and then 14 releases from 23 bites on the last day to see out a great trip which the group all thoroughly enjoyed.

Robert Schoenthal and his collegue Alex González made the trip down from a cold New York to enjoy our hot action. The duo released 7 from 16 bites on the 14th to start things rolling. With Alex having high sights on his first blue marlin we stuck to our guns in persuit thereof and were rewarded late the next day when the second blue of the day inhaled the mackeral pitchbait for Alex to enjoy the angling highlight of his life and release a feisty 225lb Blue to compliment the 6 sailfish Bob and he had already released. Day three saw Bob enjoying a relaxing day around the pool catching up on soem work, while we wore Alex out offshore, releasing 16 sails, putting some 30 to 40 pound dorado in the boat and having two blue marlin up we just couldn't connect on. To say Alex and Bob left happy would be putting it mildly.

The 18th saw our OBX/Decisive team with us from the East Coast to practice fish a day prior to the PCCA's final event which is historically held in Guatemala. Anglers Mike Viveiros, Dell Dembosky and Craig Johnson got off to an exciting start releasing a blue and 2 sails all at the same time all on 20lb early in the day. Only minutes latter we released another feisty blue to start their trip.
Following our initial plans of exploring prior to the tournament the following day we unfortunately seemed to leave the fish behind as we went looking but it did give us an idea of where not to go the next day.

The 19th saw the tournament start and we found the pick of the bite out west but we just could not get the hooks to stick and ended with a disappointing 13 from 38 bites, but Dell did release an exciting 250lb blue . After a good team talk we were back in high spirits on day two and found our groove, going an impressive 38 from 54 bites in 6 hours of tournament fishing to take top day honors and put us back within 5 fish of the top boat.
With a lot on the table for the final day we were back out west but just couldn't get it going with a slower pick for everyone. With 45 minutes to lines out we were still 5 fish behind the lead boat and found a pocket of fish for the Decisive to turn it on. First we released a triple, two sails and a blue marlin in the 250lb range, exciting stuff with 20lb tournament line and so much at stake. Next a triple of sails, then a double, then a single, down to the wire it went to tie on points but loose by 7 minutes on time. Not to be disappointed Team OBX/Decisive was victories taking the Grand Championship Team for the Event, with Mike Viveiros taking the Grand Champion Angler for the entire event and Dell Dembosky taking the Top Angler for the Guatemalan Leg. All in all, a fantastic showing, a new PCCA release record with 676 sails, 7 blue marlin and a striped marlin to make for some unbelievable action.

The 22nd and 23rd saw our neighbour Scott Lund and his friend Ron Lameneck with us. The sailfish were most certainly around and we encountered unbelievable numbers of them feeding on balls of bait, but it was marlin the boys were after so on we pushed in search of the blue dog.
With a few sails under our belt and some 20 dorado we unfortunately were not rewarded with what we were after, but a great time was had never the less.

Our bookings have filled nicely and we are convinced that those that have scheduled a trip will be rewarded with some fine fishing this season. For those looking to treat themselves to the fishing trip of a lifetime we still have some open dates in April and May of next year, so drop us an enquiry.

Until next report, compliments of the festive season to you all. Tight lines, Eagle Claw circle hooks and healthy releases.

Capt. Brad Philipps
Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures