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Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fishing Report - March 2012

Darren Terzi, Craig Ziegler and Sean Thornton started with us on the 8th with some slow sail fishing their first day but plenty of yellowfin out wide.  The following day saw us released 3 sails and a wild 275lb blue marlin for Darren Terzi. There were Spinner dolphins everywhere, with yellowfin tuna on them. We found the sailfish again on the 10th but they were finicky, raising 37 sails and a blue, going 18 from 32 on sails, the blue did not eat. 

On the 11th we started with Curtis Thorpe, Keith Hill, Jack Sheneman and Colby Denbow doing the fly and bait combo. We raised 23 and released a total of 7 sailfish, there were some striped and blue marlin around also, as well as loads of large dorado. The following day saw us raised 23 sails with a total of 11 releases. A 40 plus pound dorado for dinner and quite a few striped and blue marlin still around, it was only a matter of time.....our turn would come!!! We raised 45 sailfish and 2 blue marlin the next day while pulling teasers doing the fly and bait combo. Releasing 10 sailfish on the light conventional tackle, 8 on fly and a 250lb blue marlin on the 20 Alutecnos Veloce.........our Texas anglers said it was their best fishing day ever!!!

The 15th saw our good friend Eros Cattaneo of Alutecnos reels with us along with another good friend Ricky Lefranc of Puerto Rico. We were trying the amazing new little 12 Veloce reel and what a job it did!! These great anglers didn't hurt either......going 13 from 16 on sails on 20lb and 2 from 3 on blue marlin in the 250lb range on the light 12lb test........a great day of fishing in anyones book and all at 9 miles from the marina!!!! The 'Andromeda' by Legend Lures has been the hot ticket for the blues and sails.


Scott Lund and Scott Armand were with us the next two days. We left the sails and looked for blues but were unlucky not to be reward with a marlin but were kept busy with a few sails.

Eddie and Bronco Dalidowicz joined us for the 21st through the 23rd with a total of 13 sails and loads of nice yellowfin and dorado to make for another exciting trip for them.

Danilo and Dilson Palmer of Brazil joined us next for three days and enjoyed learning the art of bait and switch and dropping back, with a couple sails each day as well a yellowfin tuna. There final day saw them finishing with 12 sailfish releases and an energetic 300lb blue marlin released on the pitch-bait of the bridge teaser.

Jack Duvall of Texas joined us from the 27 to the 29th. We raised 21 sailfish, going 13 from 19 bites the first day with lots of jumpers and tailors that were not biting as there was loads of bait down deep. We went 7 from 8 the next day and finished with 12 from 17 the last day. Great averages, these Lazer Sharp Eagle Claw circle hooks sure do the trick!!!

Things are looking good, the current is pushing hard from the west and we have heard reports of large volumes of fish out that way so are expecting a very good April and May. We have an opening the 26th to 29th of April for someone to enjoy as well as some dates in May, so take advantage of the great fishing we are seeing this year. The blues will start to show up consistently in late April and May and the sail fishing will stay just as consistent......... we look forward to seeing you here.  

Until next report, tight lines.

Capt. Brad Philipps