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Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - February 9th, 2006

After a relatively slower January the fishing has been really good the past week with some big days on both the baits and the fly, and all the action was right here on our doorstep inside the ten mile mark.

Ken Johns and his son Jeff were our last clients of January fishing the 28th and 29th. The fishing was a little on the slower side but we still managed to release 9 sails, raised a blue marlin, caught some big dorado, as well as doing an enjoyable trip to Antigua. It sure was good to see Ken back here in Guatemala after he so generously treated me to a 10 day trip to Australia and it's Barrier Reef for black marlin this past October.

The Guatemalan Club Nuatico International was hosted here over 4 days ending the 4th of February. The first 2 days saw the fleet releasing an average of 12 to 18 sails a piece, and by day 3 the bite had turned on and things turned on. The 'Decisive' was in the running but couldn't take advantage of it's 51 bites that day releasing 26 sailfish and being over 15 fish off the pace but did take top honors on the final day with 28 releases from 47 bites. The 'Sirena', the 37ft Viking which we book and manage, took top overall honors for the tournament with 95 sailfish and a blue marlin release, with some very good fishing.

On the 5th we treated Charlie Levine, managing editor of Marlin Magazine who was visiting with us to research an upcoming article on the "New Guatemala", to a day of fly fishing. Charlie was quick to pick up on the game and ended his very first day with the long wand on billfish with 10 releases, as well as another on the bait and myself getting a chance to release another 2 on the fly to round off a most enjoyable day on the water.

Jake Jordan, Mark Schiffer, Scott Barker and Rob Gair joined us on the fly for the 6,7 and 8th. The fishing stayed red-hot, releasing 12 from 17 the first day, 19 from 32 the second and 8 from 19 the third to tally a total of 39 releases on the fly. Now that's good fishing when one considers all it takes to get them teased in and play this fly game, but doing it properly with a good team in a place like this and these sort of numbers are always possible.

The water is still looking good and the action is close to home so we hope it continues for our upcoming anglers.

Until next time, tight lines, circle hooks and healthy releases.

Capt. Brad Philipps