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Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - February 2009

The fishing was good this past February although a little inconsistent at times with some really good days interuppted by some slower periods with greener water.

The 2, 3 and 4th of Februay saw John and Patsy Hundley, along with Punch and Penny Martyn, of Palm Beach, Florida with us to share in some great angling. Day one saw 16 sailfsh releases from 22 bites as well as a fiesty 250lb blue released by John. The bite really picked up the next day with 35 releases from 57 bites, followed by 19 releases from 27 bites and an agressive blue we missed their last day.

Our regular February fly anglers, cousins George and Michael Coe were with us the 5, 6 and 7th. With some rough seas their first day they chose a memorable sightseeing trip to Lake Atitlan and Antigua instead. Day two proved flatter, releasing 5 on the long wands and then 1 the next.

Alex Marshall of Charleston, joined us the 13th and 14th. On the first day we raised 4 blues while fly flishing but they were shy to tease and although we managed to get a bite or two on the mackeral we were unable to convert on the weary fish. We did however averaged some 5-9 sailfish releases each day to keep Alex happy.

The Billfish Foundation had it's annual awards evening over the weekend of the 12th to co-incide with the Miami Boat Show, and although Capt. Brad could not make the event, he was awarded the Pacific Sailfish Release Captain Award, the Pacific Blue Marlin Release Captain Award, and the overall TBF Release Captain of the Year Award. This is the 7th consecutive year Brad has been recognised by TBf for his outstanding achievements and support of conservation. Kennedy Hernandez, Brad's long time mate was also recognised with the much deserved Top Mate Award. Brad's long-time friend, Michael Viljoen of South Africa, was awarded the Top Pacific Sailfish Release Angler for all the fish he released while fishing on the 'Decisive' over his December 2007 trip. Well done Kennedy and Michael, it was a good night for the 'Decisive'!!!

With the water turning green we were able to move our anglers to a latter date who were due to fish the week of the 16th through 22nd so nothing was lost and we all enjoyed a few days to catchup on everything else.

Scott and Kristy Lund were with us the 23rd and 24th and although the fishing was slow we got a half bite out of a big marlin in the 600# after it tracked the bait for what seemed like ages. The Lund's had a ball down here and just couldn't get over how much they enjoyed their afternoon and final night at the magnificient new Antigua Golf Resort.

Our old friends Jerry and Carol Peterson brought with them Montana Rancher and Outfitter, Frank Rigler to share in another angling adventure. Their first day they went 7 from 7, followed by 8 from 10 the next day with a 75lb yellowfin for Carol. Saving the best for last the trio finished off with 21 sailfish from 34 bites to leave in great spirits.

Until next report, circle hooks, tight lines and healthy releases.

Capt. Brad Philipps