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Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - December, 2005

December 31, 2005 – Fishing Report

The ‘Sirena’ was at it the 27th and 28th releasing 20 sails a day in a magnificently flat ocean. ‘Decisive’ (currently still ‘Spirit of Pilar’) started it’s fishing campaign in earnest on the 29th of December with it’s first full day on the water, being joined by owner Steve Cothron of Austin, Texas, and his friend Bill Easum of Corpus Christi. To say the fishing was red-hot would be an understatement. The bite was found at 22 miles and by the end of the day the duo had 60 sailfish releases from 90 bites, finishing as high hook, and with a couple real slobs over the 120lb mark to keep the boys really pulling. What a baptism and not bad for the first day on the water on your new boat, congratulations Steve!!

The bite was still superb on the 30th, with ‘Team Decisive’ finishing on top, releasing 46 from 62 bites and a half dozen, 25 to 45lb Dorado thrown in for good measure.

This is Guatemala as it’s been come to be know, flat seas, sailfish everywhere and a great fleet of boats and crew to take advantage of it all. Not matter what you may hear, this place cannot be beat and it is as good, if not better than ever before. There are some fine charter operations here, great places to stay and a group of captains that all enjoy fishing as much as our anglers enjoy catching them and work together on the water every day to find that special bite.

Man, it really is good to be on the water again. Our new 40ft Gamefisherman, ‘Decisive’ along with our brand new complete outfit of Alutecnos tackle along with Eagle Claw circle hooks, looks like it’s going to be the recipe for fish-raising and fish releasing, and we will be continuing in the ways of my old boat, ‘Pelagian’. So look up some date on our website that may suit you and come on down and enjoy in the worlds finest sailfishing.

Until next report, may it be a happy, fish-filled and prosperous News Years ahead for all.

Capt. Brad Philipps

19th December 2005


19th December 2005 - Guatemala Billfishing Adventures - Fishing Report

The "Decisive" (currently "Spirit of Pilar") is officially in action, on the water and catching fish. We brought the boat up from Los Suenos this past week, arriving Friday the 16th and completing all our paperwork in record time to be joined by my good friend Miguel Medina, of Medina Transport here in Guatemala, along with his guests and New York Post, Outdoor Columnist, Ken Moran, to document our maiden trip in Guatemalan waters. The fish were biting and everything went as smoothly as if we'd been at it for seasons on this new boat. We ended the day 19 from 27 bites on the sailfish, with a bunch of singles, 3 doubles and a triple, finishing the day up there along side the top boat for the day and with the "Sirena" releasing 18 from 31 bites for it's visiting Dominican Republic anglers Manuel Taveres and his 13 year old son Raul. The bite has been exceptionally consistent the past week, with blue water and lots of bait. The "Old Reliable" with good friends Nick Smith and Capt. Chip Shafer averaged over 10 releases a day on the fly over their 5 days on the water, with a 21 release day in the mix to show just how good it really has been. Boats on the bait released as many as 44 and with the way things are looking we can't wait to be getting down to some serious fishing after Christmas on our wonderful new 40ft Gamefisherman. Not only is she a head turner, but a fish-raiser too, and is going to be keeping many and angler coming back for more of what makes this the best sailfishing in the world.
Compliments of the festive season to you all and may it be a very fish filled and prosperous New Year ahead.
Best regards,
Capt. Brad Philipps