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Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - 23rd February 2006

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fishing Report - 23rd February 2006

We have been busy in more ways than one since the last report. What an action packed 10 days it has been, with a few absolutely huge days on the sailfish, as well as some big marlin to really keep things exciting.

On the 12th we were joined by Gary Hughes, son Kyle, and friend John Martin of Chile, along with their South African friends Fanie Styne and Gerald Elliot.

We released 4 from 12 finicky bites the first day and went out wide the following day before we got the call to head back inshore to the west were the fish had been found. They were thick and we released 11 from 24 bites in quick order before heading home. On the 14th we ran back to the previous days action to find the ocean overflowing with sailfish. Our anglers will be the first to confess that they had stage-fright as first timers on the hookup and many a fish was missed during the next 2 days of unreal action but what a bite it was.

We ended up releasing 53 sailfish from 92 bites that day to be followed up with 109 sailfish raises the following day, one on the fly rod for each of the 5 anglers before releasing another 33 on the baits from 60 bites. It was absolute non-stop action from lines-in to lines-out with triples and quad's being more the order than the exception, and what a pleasure to have shared it all with some country folk from my country of origin. We might not be able to beat that bite but I look forward to seeing Gary and crew back here soon.

On the 16th, Cindy and I left for the Miami Boat show for the weekend to catch-up with old friends and sponsors, spread the word on our exciting new operation and also attend this years Billfish Foundation Awards Banquet. Even though I was only able to fish half of last year due to Fins n' Feathers closing I was very proud to again receive the Top Sailfish Release Captain Award, as well as the prestigious Overall Release Captain for the Year Award. It sure is a testament to Guatemala's amazing fishery and my fantastic crews hard work and support to do this for the 4th year in a row. Thank you Kennedy, Carlos and Jeffery and for the ever continuing support of Alutecnos tackle and all my other enduring sponsors.



Steve Cothron of Austin, Texas, our partner in Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures fished his boat for only the second time since we have had it here the 22nd and 23rd.

Our first bite of the first morning proved to be an obese black marlin on the left rigger sailfish outfit. With only 6 pounds of drag the 'Decisive Team' did a superb job to get the release within only minutes before the big fish really knew it was hooked or in trouble.

On the first jumps those tell-tail rigid, sickle shaped pecks were a dead giveaway and signaled a first for both Steve and our new boat in Guatemala, as we see far more blues than we do blacks on this coast. With plenty marlin having been seen early on day two we went looking for one, and as if things couldn't get much better after the previous days catch we pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, when up she came on the right short bridge teaser, a nice blue marlin of around 450lb's which Steve hooked on the 50lb mackerel pitch to release some 10 minutes latter after some thrilling boat-side jumps for the video. The sailfishing might have been slower than normal but with a black, a blue and another 14 from 16 on sails in two days it sure was a trip we will never forget and just goes to show that one never knows what may come up in the spread and unless your on the water you really never have a shot at all.

We still have a three day opening in March and then a couple days in April and May, so have a look at our website for availability and come on down and see what it's all about. You will not be disappointed and may well go home with the angling memories of a lifetime.