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Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - 21 April 2006

Since our last report we had a few slower days two weeks back, but things have picked up again the last 10 days and the water is magnificent right now with literally hundreds of free jumping sailfish around and bait-a-plenty showing on the sounder, being seen on the surface, and being spat up by hooked fish.

Our Miami friends Henry and Raul Salas joined us the 12th thru 14th of April. We were still searching for the bite and managed a good 15 sailfish releases their first day. Things slowed a little on the sailfishing front the next two days but were kept very busy with some extra yellowfin, and Raul's first blue marlin, a 250 pounder he caught on 50lb standup while livebaiting around a massive school of spinner dolphins and tuna.

Father and son, Jim and John Ryaby of Phoenix joined us for the Easter weekend, and the bite was found on Easter Sunday at only 10 miles straight out front in the bottom of what we call the 'Pocket', our deep water canyon which runs in from the shelf. We ended the day going 24 from 31 and followed it up with another 10 from 18 the following day.


The fish have been stacking on the bait in the pocket at 10 to 18 miles and Scott Segal and his friend Andy Gross of Chicago saw an action packed 29 from 54 bites on the 18th. The fish were proving finicky on the 19th with all the bait around, and the duo went 17 from 31 on the sails with a big big blue marlin blasting the teasers but not wanting the mackerel late in the day to rub salt into our lower averages. We released 19 the following day with better hookup averages, to send Andy home a happy man, and for Scott to be joined today by another group of Chicago friends, Ray McElree and sons Mike and Jason. The fish were jumping everywhere again, our first blast on the bridge teaser came from a marlin which was too full to eat but the sailfishing action didn't give us time to ponder. We ended the day with 30 releases from a lot of bites, as well as some dorado aboard.

We still have two more fishing days with Scott which will then put an end to a 51 day straight stretch on the water for my crew and I. It really has been a great first season for our new boat and operation. We have April 25th through May 5th open, as well as some other dates latter May, and although you'd think that after all those days on the water we'd be ready for a long rest, we're actually chomping at the bit to stay out there, as with all this blue water, bait and incredible numbers of fish we are seeing stacking up right on our doorstep, we'd like to see someone come on down to take advantage of what's brewing. Right now it sure looks just like it did there in the beginning of March just prior to those amazing record setting days we had. So drop Cindy a line,, and come on down, it's looking really good for the weeks ahead, the fish are biting, the weather is amazing, seas flat and there is space open to enjoy in it all if you can make the time.

Until the next report, circle hooks and healthy releases.

Capt. Brad Philipps