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Fishing Report 1st November 2008

Although Guatemalan operators are feeling the economic pinch with a slowing in bookings, Decisive's loyal clientele has ensured that we have once again started our season with flying colors and have had some great days to show for it. In general the water has been a little patchy, but there have been enough sailfish around to keep anglers busy and big numbers of dorado and yellowfin to ensure very few dull moments. Novembers highlight was a convincing victory for team Decisive in the PCCA of Guatemala.

Scott Lund started the first three days of the month by releasing 16 sails on fly and bait and putting a horde of large yellowfin and dorado on the boat.

Alex and Sarah Marshall were back with us the 4, 5 and 6th to defend Sarah's "title" as top TBF ladies release angler that she won last year. The couple released 6, 7 and 7 sails on each of their respective days.

Alfredo Medina, friends and sons joined us the 8th to release 8 sailfish and catch some fresh dorado to take back to Guatemala City for dinner.

William Filip of Sailfish Point Florida, his brother Jim Filip, and close friend, Mike Quinlan and son Jeff, came down to enjoy our big Pacific sailfish and had a great time releasing 13, 6 and 12 sailfish from the 9th to the 11th.

On the 12th our friend Grant Estman of South Africa bravely tried to give the finicky sailfish a go on the fly but with little luck getting them to bite aggressively, however we did manage a couple on the bait.

The 13th, 14th and 15th saw Mike Malin along with his father Gene and long time school friends, Keith Hofbeck and Dave Maddaluna releasing 12 sailfish their first day. Day two saw them with 7 sails and us pulling the hook on a blue marlin which came up right next to the boat to eat a bonito we were pulling in, what a sight so up close and personel.

Our good friend Gustavo Alarcón and brothers Leonel and Blass, along with uncles Raúl and Fernando Castañeda came down on Sunday the 16th for some fishing fun, and were spoilt rotten. The action was hot and they released 7 sailfish and filled their coolers with fresh yellowfin of up to 60lb's which we caught while trolling around a huge school of spinner porpoise.

Guatemala's biggest annual tournament the Presidential Challenge of Central America started on the 21st after a victory for Team Decisive in the El Salvador leg earlier in the month. Day one saw things start slowly with us missing a sail and pulling the hooks on a blue. With no choose but to go looking, the easterly run paid off and our team of Bill Easum, Jimmy Taylor and Mike Viveiros settled in to release 13 sails from 18 bites to end the day as top boat. Running west with 5 other boats the Decisive picked up a gear and with the new engines and extra speed paying big dividends we put in a solid performance to finish the third day with 21 releases, to again take top daily honors and a solid overall victory for the joyous team. Bill Easum took the top angler award and Capt. Brad the top captain trophy.

Dr. Scott 'Dog' Lund was back with us the 24th and 25th doing what he does best, taking advantage of whatever is out there. The dorado were thick so he had a blast with some large fish up to and over 45lb's and some sails on the fly and spinning gear for good measure.

John and Vita Skogland of San Antonio, Texas, made the short trip to come and polish up on their billfishing skills. The 26th saw us going 7 from 10 on the sails. The following two days saw the couple getting lots of dropback practice on big dorado and a couple sails ensure they left knowing a little more than when they had arrived and we look forward to seeing them back with us in the near future.

Joe O'Brien, John Sharp, Joe Hussar and Darryl Caldwell joined us on the 29th starting with 4 sails and a bunch of big dorado on their first day. Day two say 5 sails released and a blue that crashed the teaser but would not play. The following day saw us run way wide to find lots of activity with 12 releases from 25 bites, while the dorado were always around to keep them busy.

By the look of things the water is steadily improving and things are bound to start really cranking up any day soon. There have been increases in the number of marlin seen by the fleet in the final week so lets hope they start chewing soon. For those of you that have already booked we look forward to seeing you with us, and for those thinking about it, come on down, you will not be disappointed. We have an opening the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 of January, so take advantage of these prime dates.

Until next report, circle hooks, healthy releases and compliments of the festive season to you all.

Capt. Brad Philipps