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Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fishing Report - January 2012

Greetings of the New Year to all from us in Guatemala. We hope it's a year filled with everything good, and most of all.....some great fishing action!!

We have been posting regular updates on our Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures Facebook page but thought it best to send out one of our usual reports to keep all our friends in the loop.

The fishing has been good this season so far and all our anglers have been kept most happy both on and off the water.

We fished the ILTTA tournament the end of November and were top boat on day 1 with 26 sailfish releases. The bite slowed the next three days, but we still released 49 sailfish to place 4th, 5 fish off the pace. Well over a thousand fish were released in total and a great tournament.

Next we fishing Clint and Lisa Everett out of the Carolina's for 10 days. They are hard-core fishermen and great anglers who enjoyed every minute of their time here and saw some great days. The 9th saw the Everett's releasing 12 sails and a feisty 350lb blue on 20lb. They released another blue the next day with there being up to 6 Blue Marlin raised per boat in the fleet for the day. Things got going with the sailfish on the 11th with 17 releases for the day and then 21 releases on the 12th.

On the 14th we were joined by Dave and Diane Cordes going 8 from 16. The fishing remained steady for the couple over the next 4 days and they were unlucky not to connect with the handful of blue marlin we raised but stacked up some good numbers of sailfish, releasing 8 on the fly and 3 on spinning rod on their final day to see out a memorable trip for the adventurous couple.

The 26th saw us releasing 4 sailfish and a feisty striped marlin for our US Embassy friends from Guatemala City, Billy with his sons Justin and Billy II Sherrill, Roberto Pineda and Juan Manuel Rubio.


Dave Workman Jr of Jacksonville Florida, joined us along with his wife Angela, and dad, Sr Dave and Melissa for 3 days the 27th to the 29th followed by a few splendid days in Antigua, the "Old City". They went 7 from 10 their first day, 8 from 12 the next, with a blue both days that we could not capitalize on.
Their final day saw the father and son duo start out with a double header of blue marlin on the 20lb gear they were both able to release, one of about 250lb's and the other around 350lbs.. way to go Sr and Jr!!!
The blues were around and we raised another 4 that day releasing another of about 250lbs as well as a 5 sailfish. I'm not sure why Angela didn't join us on the previous days, it must have been her lady luck, what a great day!!!!

The 31st saw us out with our friend Fernando Paiz of Guatemala, along with his friends Richard Voswinckel, Johann Voswinckel, going 22 from 29 on sails today, with a blue that would not play, to see out the old year in true festive Guatemalan style.

The 2nd of January saw us going 10 from 18 on sails with some nice Drado.

Bobby Richter, his son Matt and their friends Paul Jr and Paul III Kennedy all of Port Aransas texas joined us the 5th. With the bite at 7 miles it was one of those perfect days with the excellent anglers going 24 from 30 bites. Things slowed a little the next two days but the boys were kept busy and remained extremely happy campers. We look forward to seeing them all back with us in the near future.

The 13th saw Steve Cothron, "Decisive's" owner on the water along with Matt Richter who just couldn't say no to the offer and extending his stay. The guys went 10 from 15 on sails with a 7 nice yellowfin their first day. Things got crazy the following day going 37 from 54 on the sails for another epic trip.

Scott Lund joined us the 23rd and 24th of January along with his old vet school friend Mark Scribano, his wife Lisa and brother George, along with firends Jay Mastry and Debbie Crisp. They went 14 from 21 their first day. Their second day saw Birthday boy Mark releasing his tackle slam with his first sailfish on fly, then one on spin and a few on conventional with a total of 2 on fly and 8 on bait for the day, all at 5 to 12

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Brad is heading back to Nova Scotia this coming September for the remarkable giant bluefin tuna fishing there. It'll be his third year up there and he has reserved 2 of the best boats and is taking some friends up there to enjoy it along with him, so if any of you have any interest in this let him know and he'll make a plan to get you in on the action. He is also looking at running the "Hooker'' in Cape Verde this coming June so that's another option for anyone wanting to share their unbelievable blue marlin fishing along with Brad.

Until the next report, tight lines, circle hooks and healthy releases.

Capt. Brad Philipps