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Fish Report - up to end of Jan 4th, 2013!

The rest of November saw some average fishing with some slower days thrown in-between.

December saw us start with the 'Decisive's owner Steve Cothron of Texas joining us on the 5th to catch a personal slam of 7 sails, a blue marlin and a striped all on the 20lb Alutecnos gear,  7/0 Eagle Claw circle hooks and Berkley line.

Jack Duvall was with us the 13th December, releasing 7 sails, then 3, then 14 and then 36 sailfish on his four consecutive days.

David Cordes followed that with 7 sails on bait and 1 on fly on the 17th. The next day he released 5 on fly and 9 on bait, then 4 on fly 9 on bait, 11 on bait and 7 on fly, for a really great trip.

After a short Christmas break we were back at it on the 27th with Dave and Angela Workman of Jacksonville Florida, and we got on the bite close in-shore releasing 40 sailfish from 49 bites. The following day was one of those epic encounters releasing a total of 91 sailfish from 114 bites, ti was non-stop. Dave released 73, Angela 10 and our 4 year old son Darren pitched in on the triples with 8 releases. The next day we released 51 sails and a strong 450lb blue marlin to give Dave 182 sails and a blue for his 3 days doesn't get much better than that!!! The 30th we fished our Guatemalan friend Fernando Paiz and released 33 on a shortened day. 

Our longtime friend Denny Doyle snuck down from Florida on the 30th to get in on the action releasing a whopping 60 sailfish from 72 bites. Following it up with 37 releases the next day and 18 on bait and 10 on the fly rod his final day, another special trip. 

With the huge areas of fish the boats are seeing and the intensity of the bite, it looks like it's building to be one of those very special Guatemalan years. In our past experience when we have seen such volumes its proven to be that the bite remains hot right though May and this looks like no exception, only that it might be even better than most. We have some open dates Jan 31-Feb 1, February 7-9, and March 1-6, 28-31, as well as in April and May to take advantage of, so come on down for a fishing trip of a lifetime. 

Until next report, Tight lines.

Capt. Brad Philipps