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Fish Report - April 2012 - Guatemala

What a great season we have had in Guatemala this year. The steady sailfish bite just went on and on, as 'Decisive' racked up the numbers for it's appreciative anglers.

April saw us start the month with Bill Blakey and Bill Hagan of Palm Beach, Florida, going 7 from 12 on sailfish their first day with a 300lb blue marlin for Bill Hagan. The next day was Bill Blakey's turn on a similar sized blue, along with 14 sailfish releases from 20 bites. They finished off their trip going 7 from 9 on their final day for another great trip.

Rob Lane, Mike Chiara and Alan Westenberger all of New Jersey, saw some exceptional fishing on the 8th of April going 37 from 51 bites on sailfish. They were 27 from 38 the next day and finished off with 25 sailfish releases from 32 bites as well as a 200lb blue marlin for Mike. What a trip for the guys, finishing with 89 sails and a blue released in 3 days.

The 12th saw our Virginia regular Bob Edmonds join us along with his two daughters Charlotte and Sarah, going 12 from 18 on sails with a 300lb blue marlin for Bob added to the mix for another exciting on the deep blue. They released 5 sails the following day and 6 the next as we looked out wide for another hot bite or a blue to add to the mix. 

Roger Corbin of the Cayman Islands joined us with his wife Rosaleen, son David and friend Chris Bodden on the 15th to go 11 from 14 on sailfish with a 300lb blue we missed early in the day. They released 16 sailfish from 23 bites the next day and and 20 sails from 31 their last day for a great trip.

Our South African, 'Kristi's Camp' friend from Nelspruit, Gerrit Kroon, joined us with his friends Kobus Jacobs, Zirk Spruyt, Frans Spruyt, Werner Herbst and Charl Carey on the 19th to celebrate his 40th Birthday......and what a fishing party it was!!!!!. Things started slow the first day as the fish went off the bite but picked up the next with the group releasing 8 sails on 'Decisive' and 13 sails and a blue marlin for Werner on 'Circle Hook'. The next day was Charl's turn for a 400lb blue on 30lb line as well as 15 sails for the Circle Hook and 16 sails released for 'Decisive'. Half the group got in some rooster fish action on the 21st, with 3 nice fish caught, while 'Decisive' went 15 from 19 on sails with conventional tackle and spin while also trying the fly. We caught 7 on conventional and spin the next day with a couple fly bites. Some of the boys flew home leaving Gerrit, Charl and Werner to the fish, releasing 20 sailfish from 30 bites while pitching 12lb to the teasers, with some nice dorado to add to the mix. The boys went 11 from 17 the next day with a few fish on 6lb test to keep things exciting on some ultra-light tackle...good fun!!! They finished off their trip releasing 17 sailfish from 27 bites with a final tally of 128 sails, 2 blue marlin, 3 rooster fish and some dorado over their 8 days to leave very happy campers..... and lets not forget the special round of golf on the amazing Antigua Golf resort course.

The 30th of April saw us start with another group of South African anglers, Martiz Nel, Izak Pieterse, Mike Brown and Richard Fisher releasing 11 sailfish from 14 bites. The next day we went out wide and found a great yellowfin tuna bite keeping rods bent and reels screaming until we had our fill and went on to also release 8 sailfish from 12 bites. We fished the next 3 days with up to 8 releases a day and ended a great trip with another fantastic round of golf.

It has been a great season. "Decisive' fished a total of 98 days releasing 1197 billfish for the season with an average of well over 12 releases per day, with over 40% of those days being on the fly. Guatemala is the only place in the world where one can hope to see action like this and we are grateful for all our loyal clients that made the trip to enjoy the superb fishing along with us. Using the worlds best equipment gives us a very competitive edge and we are lucky to have special sponsors like, Alutecnos Reels, Eagle Claw Hooks, Pelagic Gear, Berkley Line and Legend Lures who help keep us ahead of the game!!! Thank you everyone!!!!

Brad is taking anglers to Cape Verde this June where he is running the famed 'Hooker' that is now based there, along with Kennendy his first mate making the trip with him.  They have had an unbelievable season so far in Cape Verde with boats still seeing some exceptional fishing, with days over 20 blue marlin raises and the potential of some truly large marlin. Both he and Kennendy are excited about the opportunity to fish these special waters and we will keep you posted. There is a possibility that there might be a 6 day slot available for the middle of June, if anyone is interested in a big blue marlin trip of a lifetime let us know.

Until next report, tight lines, Eagle Claw circle hooks and healthy releases. 

Capt. Brad Philipps