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May 7, 8, 9th, 2010 - Aboard DECISIVE!

Coming to Guatemala at The Billfish Inn was the best experience I have ever had. What an incredible and exotic location.
I caught the biggest fish of my life here and I will remember it forever!
The staff and professionalism of your entire operation is beyond first class.
I particulary want to thank our mates Kennedy and Johnny who are just superb. Astrid and Isabel anticipated our every need and how could I ever thank Anibal who is such a wonderful man.
As for the fishing, I could not be happier and as a biologist even between hookups the variety of natural wildlife was just something indescribable. We saw so many turtles, birds, purposes, etc. The boat ride alone was worth coming for.
Brad is a first rate Captain and I am proud to have been guided by him.
My most memorable moment: when he stopped to save a sea turtle that was tangled in a plastic line, not only is he a great fisherman but also a great conservationist. I want to thank my dear friend Jim Ryaby for taking me on the best vacation imaginable - Thanks Jim for taking me to The Billfish Inn! -
With gratitude,

Dan Grande
Sea Cliff, Long Island
Thanks for making my 3rd trip to The Billfish Inn more enjoyable than the last two!
Your hospitality, food, libations and service cannot be surpassed and the setting is so peaceful and relaxing.
I could almost forget that I came here to fish!

Now for the fishing.... fishing with Brad, Kennedy and Johnny is a privilege and a joy, we had the best time and cannot wait until the next trip. Clearly the Decisive is the premier Billfish boat in the world and I am so happy that my best fishing buddy in the world Dan "EL GRANDOTE" Grande, caught his first Billfish ever on this trip!

I cannot wait to see you all again soon and best wishes for the next year. Congratulations Brad and Cindy on Darren and your future bambino!

See you soon,
Jim Ryaby