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Mar 14, 15, 16th, 2010 - Aboard DECISIVE & Mar 15th aboard CIRCLE HOOK!

Maria Janda
Scott Janda
Patt Gothro
Ashley Walters
Brian Walters
Tim Reed
We had a wonderful, wonderful time in Guatemala! You took care of us so well that we didn’t want to leave. Everything was perfect – the weather, the food, the fishing! We really enjoyed the day in Antigua, as well. The hotel was the most amazing place that we have ever stayed.

Thanks so much for the hospitality – you are the best hosts!
We look forward to another visit and please let us know if you come to the States.

Maria Janda
It was great to visit with You, Brad, and Darren! Everybody is still talking about the wonderful time, great food, and great fishing! Maria and I were happy to spend some time catching up on the last four years. You and Brad have built a wonderful business and family, and you certainly make everyone feel like family while there visiting. Our short trip to Antigua was just that, ”too short,” we all had a great time and the hotel was wonderful. You really made our time away easy.

Thanks Again,
Scott Janda