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Jan 1, 2, 3, 4, 2011

The managers and staff of the lodge and the boat are friendly, professional and they all deliver excellent service. On your way to Iztapa from Guatemala city you see many interesting things: the local people, industry, agricultural facilities and crops as well as famous Guatemala volcanoes.

Once you arrive to the lodge/condo, located inside a gated community, you are made very welcome by the staff. The residence is beautiful and comfortable and safe. The meals are prepared for you based upon the information you have given Cindy Philipps regarding your likes and dislikes. The preparation, presentation and taste of these meals are exquisite -really!

Once it is time to fish award winning and record setting Captain Brad Philipps and his crew will provide you will many excellent opportunities to realize your dreams of catching that game fish. Be sure you are clear with him about what you hope to accomplish. Listen to his advice and his strategy for each day. He will give you the best chance in Guatemala to seize your dream. It is fishing, so even the best set plans can be a challenge, but trust Brad and he will give you many wonderful fishing memories.

My friend Paul and I caught over 70 fish of different species during our short visit. They included Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna and Bonita. The mates on the boat are experienced, friendly and excellent at playing their roles to make each day a success.

I strongly and unreservedly recommend Billfish Adventures to anyone looking for a great fishing experience and a lovely residence with great food in the evenings.

Dave Lewis
Grand Rapids MI


Dear Billfish Inn friends and family,

Brad - Cindy - Darren and Lyndsey, you all just are on when you are around me and Dave. Thanks for a home away from home - I only wish my Kathy could have been with us too!
Everyone went out of their way to help me get through each day - specially the mates who actually held me up at the rail.
Blessings on your work here.
Mr. Paul Herman
Texas, USA